18 Sailors Gully Road, Eaglehawk - A snippet of history


This photo of 18 Sailors Gully Road Eaglehawk is believed to have been taken sometime around 1870 or 1880.

It's probably fair to assume one of the two gentlemen in aprons is Mr Baldock the Boot Maker. You'll also notice the left side residence is yet to be built.

We haven't been able to discover exactly when the business started. When the inside of the building was cleared in 2009, we found receipts and newspaper pages dating back to the 1850's.


The next photo is believed to have been taken a bit closer to 1900.

The residence on the left side has been built, but the middle-rear section (behind the shopfront) hasn't yet been constructed.

The sign has been repainted with the more "modern" 3D lettering.


Moving the clock forward to 2007, the place had changed hands a couple of times and fell into great disrepair by the time we bought it.

The flooring had sunk a fair bit, and the council had built the footpath up about 150mm. With water continually running inside the front door, the end result both inside and out was a mess that couldn't be retrieved.

After months of negotiation and delays with the local council and heritage advisory services, we were granted a permit to fully reconstruct the building.


We completed the reconstruction during August 2009. The old building was measured and noted, our aim was not to reconstruct a duplicate, but to maintain a similar shape and bulk as the original building.

Various fire and safety regulations ended up making things a little bit different, we also added the verandahs as our touch of history (and because the building faces due west!).

All things considered, we hope the new design pays proper respect to the original building and can stand proudly in Eaglehawk for another 150 years.