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Blossom Vine

The Blossom Vine range includes a large feature floral, small magnolia flowers and buds, and a geometric design in colours that are picked up in all the other prints - ideal for borders and sashings.

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The Dreamscape range includes lush, brilliant colours and an unusual texture. The depth and design is extraordinary and will make your project glow!

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Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings is made in Japan and features elegant metallic accents. Colors include golden tan, beige, and metallic gold. The range includes a panel, and an amazing kit called 'Luxor'

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San Mateo

Old California meets New in Nancy Rink's pretty collection of earthy browns, cool adobe beiges, soft greens, and warm golds.

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Clearance Items

Check out the Clearance section for $5/m and $10/m clearance bolts, end of bolt pieces, and accessories.

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