Misc Accessories
Generic Thread OrganiserHelmar Quilt Basting Spray 330gGlue Stick RefillHemline Bobbin Box with Tray - 28 cavity
Generic Thread Organiser
Helmar Quilt Basting Spray 330g
Glue Stick Refill
Hemline Bobbin Box with Tray - 28 cavity
Spool Wraps - Packet of 3A4 Inkjet Printable FabricTape Measure with MagnetKnitted Fusible Tape 1.5
Spool Wraps - Packet of 3
A4 Inkjet Printable Fabric
Tape Measure with Magnet
Knitted Fusible Tape 1.5" x 9m
LED Novelty Sewing Machine KeychainLED Novelty Spool KeychainLED Novelty Scissors KeychainVilene Tearaway Medium (1m wide)
LED Novelty Sewing Machine Keychain
LED Novelty Spool Keychain
LED Novelty Scissors Keychain
Vilene Tearaway Medium (1m wide)